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The Waterbury Neighborhood Association had its first meeting of the year on Sunday, January 18, 2015. The neighborhood was invited to attend this meeting and learn more about WNA as well as the recent criminal activity that has been noted over the last 6-8 weeks.

Officer Chuck Guhl, Waterbury’s Neighborhood Enforcement Officer, attended our meeting and offered some insight and suggestions into some of the recent crimes that have been affecting our neighborhood. Although we have been hearing about these crimes through e-mail and social media, there has not been an overall increase in crime in our neighborhood.  Officer Guhl has not identified a pattern with any of these crimes; they are occur at various times of day and are not isolated to one specific area.

Handouts were provided for us to review.  Two handouts illustrated the location and nature of the criminal activity.  The third handout provided information on how to prevent criminal activity as well as important phone numbers for our  reference. These 3 handouts will be posted for your review.

The most important way to prevent criminal activity, according to Officer Guhl, is to be aware of our surroundings and notify DMPD (by calling 911) if anything appears out of the ordinary. Anything suspicious should be reported. WNA will continue to communicate with our neighbors as needed, please feel free to call Melissa Stalvey 515-491-4585 for additional information. Be sure to check out our webpage at www.waterburyneighbors.org, Facebook at Waterbury Neighborhood, and Twitter @waterburyDSM.

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Written by Melissa