Do you enjoy our neighborhood gardens, our new trails and tree plantings? Have you noticed the Polk and Ingersoll or 56th St. markers? Or attended fun gatherings like block parties, chili cook-offs, ice cream socials or the Waterbury Oktoberfest and Jazz in July concerts co-sponsored by Cornerstone Credit Union?

Lend a hand with these kind of fun activities and events by volunteering…

Why Volunteering Is So Important

Even though we don’t get paid for our time, the joy of giving, especially during the holidays, can far outweigh money.

  • Improving Your Community – Neighbors that help with garden clean up, planting trees or other projects can easily see the fruits of their labor!
  • Giving Back – When we give, this can showcase a person’s gratitude and promote a sense of pride in ourselves and our neighborhood.
  • Helping Others – Doesn’t it just make you feel good to help people?
  • Tasks Are Completed More Effectively – It’s just easier to get things done when we all work together.
  • Connections With People — You can get to know your neighbors better as well as develop friendships.


The following are volunteer opportunities and areas of need within our neighborhood:

  • Newsletter/Website Development
  • Gardens of Waterbury
  • Trails & Recreation
  • Trees & Re-Forestation
  • Board of Directors
  • Social Events
  • Membership


To get involved, simply click here!